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This is a new section dedicated to BOB videos I find that show and tell the what and how of making your own BOB. Disclaimer: The main criticism I have of many BOBs is that you will see contents that are still in their packaging - never used. That means that these items are being shown as important without any testing by the user. Okay, that's not a crime, but it does tell me that the person showing off his BOB has not really used it in a bug-out situation.

As with my Blog and Video of the Week, videos here are most recent first, dated when I put them up. Some videos are longer than they need to be, but I'm not going to edit them down, because for newbies to prepping, some of the yada yada is actually useful information.

December 25, 2014 (Note: All these were added on this day)

This first one is useful, because it demonstrates what can be gathered together for a BOB from things lying around the house. I don't recommend this approach, but it's instructive anyway, simply because it shows what can be done with little or no prepping. 

 This next one is a much better effort, well-thought-out, and using a backpack made for the purpose (but expensive). I commented: Since every bugout is different, you will know better what you need, but here are a few items to consider: money, comms (walkie talkie) if not alone, more REAL food, like dates, figs, nuts, extra socks, gloves, repair kit (sewing awl), scissors, pistol & ammo, coffee filters (water pre-filter) to extend Sawyer life, folding water jug, mini-binoculars, nitril gloves, plastic bags (foraging success).


 Another spirited attempt by the same guy a month later. You can see he is getting far more complex and modular - just an observation. Still many items not opened or used, but choices are sound. He added a comment that this incarnation has since been improved by removing some weight (ammo, batteries), adding a slingshot and moving to another pack. What I like about this guy is that he tries new things, probably does some research and tries something new. What I wish he would do is a week in the bush and use all those nice new goodies in a real situation, then report on how it went. 41:16


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