Bug Out Events

Bug Out Center.com presents the first

Tri-City Bug Out
in Prescott, Arizona
Dates to be announced

Grab your BOB (bug out backpack) and join us for a prepper's weekend of survival activities. Share your survival wisdom and learn from others. Put yourself and your gear to the test. Win a prize for the best bug out system. Win the Bug Out Super Challenge and be addressed by everyone as Bug Out Master Chief.

1. Once we leave our vehicles, we don't go back to them until the Event ends on Sunday afternoon.
2. Your BOB is your only source of food, water, clothing and gear for the duration of the Event.
3. We will all hike one mile with our BOBs. You must be able to do this.
4. Those competing for the BOMC title (voluntary) will run one mile with their BOBs to qualify.
5. All participants must supply themselves with 6 meals: Fri.-D; Sat.-BLD; Sun.-BL
6, Event begins Friday at 3pm and ends on Sunday at 5pm.
7. Donation requested is $30 to cover prizes and materials. It is a not-for-profit event.


3pm: Arrive at meeting spot and parking places. Short introductions. Say goodbye to vehicles and hello to Nature. Get your gear on and adjusted. Scale - weigh participant with and w/o BOB. Rain test (of your BOB) and one-mile hike. BOMC hopefuls run one mile with their BOB. Make camp. Formal introductions. Fire-making test (all participants). BOMC Super Challenge. Evening campfire: BOMC announced; presentation of tomorrow's schedule and activities.

5am: Wake-up and personal activities, breakfast.
7am: BOB presentations. Each participant will have 15 minutes to present his/her BOB system and supplies to the group. Participants will score each other. Ten minutes for questions and answers.
12 noon-1pm: lunch.
1-2pm: Sports.
2pm: Presentations part 2.
5-7pm: Class: Bug Out Food and Nutrition.
7-8pm: free time.
8pm: Evening Campfire, review, BO strategies.

5am: Wake-up and personal activities, breakfast.
7-7:30am: Best BOB Awards, winners give short acceptance speeches.
7:30-9:30am: Class: Edible Plants, Fasting.
9:30-10am: Free time.
9-11am: Discussion (topic to be announced)
11am-12noon: Sports
12-1pm: Lunch
1-3pm: Workshops
3-4pm: Wrap-up
4-5pm: Collective sharing, exchange of resources
5pm: Depart


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