Get In Shape!

Your physical condition will determine a lot about how you perform bugging out and under stress. From years of disaster relief work and living in 'the bush', I can tell you, your health and fitness (or lack of them) are more important than all the gear and supplies you have accumulated, and the books you have read. Get this part right - prepare for physical hardship - or perish.

What exactly do you think bugging out is? Going camping in the woods? A vacation to the lake, maybe a bit of fishing? You, with your big belly... when was the last time you ran a mile? Could you even run a mile now? Carrying your BOB? That's too bad, because bugging out might be a level of hardship and physical acitivity for which you are not at all prepared. Instead of being the one who is able to care for others, you could be the one who needs looking after. What to do?

Start now. Get in shape. The longer you delay, the harder it will be, and the more likely that you could be caught unprepared and unfit for physical exertion. Start slow, consult your doctor if necessary, especially if you have a medical condition which requires special attention and/or medications. Do NOT get all psyched up and inspired and start with 100 sit-ups or squats. Give yourself a careful and thorough check up and evaluation first, before you attempt any exercise program. What activity is your body used to on a daily basis? Start there and work up slowly.

Respect your body's current state of fitness, and don't make unreasonable demands. This web site is not the place where you will learn exercises or be prescribed a routine to follow. You are motivated and intelligent - you know where to go for guidance on fitness and exercise. My purpose here on this page is to remind you that this aspect of preparation is critical to your success (i.e. survival) in a bugout situation. So put down your book, turn off the TV, get off your ass and get moving. The human body was made to move, not sit idle.


1. Ask yourself: Could I be in better health and physical condition than I am at present? If 'yes'...
2. Ask yourself: Would it be wise for me to try to improve? If 'yes'...
3. Ask yourself: Is this increase in physical activity something I need help with? If 'yes'...
4. Ask yourself: Whose guidance should I seek in this matter? My doctor? If 'yes'...
5. Get a complete physical exam and ask your doctor how he thinks you should proceed. Make sure he or she understands your goals. This is not training for The Olympics. Backpacking in the mountians might be more realistic.
6. Respect your age. Don't assume that you can do everything you did when you were younger, but also don't assume that your age limits you. Let your body and its condition guide you, not years.
7. Have realistic goals that you want to achieve and work gradually towards them. Be satisfied with less than perfection. Winning a race or game is not your goal, but rather to have a body which allows you to reach other goals.


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