How to Survive the End of the World As We Know It - James Wesley Rawles

I found this to be informative and thorough, for bugging out or bugging in. His preference for preparing a survival retreat is in line with my thinking, and his discussion of BOB contents quite good. The section on defense and weapons assumes that you are a carnivore and will be shooting and trapping animals for food. His long list of guns reflects this. My needs are different, as I don't shoot animals for food. Generally a good read and good value for money. I've read it three times. Recommended.

Patriots - James Wesley Rawles

A novel, a fictional story about a group of preppers who meet in college and later bug out to a retreat they've prepared, face all kinds of obstacles, enemies, the collapse of the US government, takeover by European interests, rebellion - it's quite a ride. The story is okay, and it doesn't really matter to me whether or not it is accurate as far as what is likely to happen, because it serves as a medium through which Rawles transmits a lot of useful knowledge which can be applied in the real world. It is an education. Recommended.

Survivors - James Wesley Rawles

I have not read this. I read the reviews on Amazon, and they were not great, so I will put off reading it until it sells for a few cents.

Surviving the Economic Collapse in Argentina - Fernando FERFAL

Surviving a disaster does not make one an expert on disasters. Surviving the flu does not make one an expert on the flu. The author appears to assume that surviving the economic collapse in Argentine qualifies him to be a sort of survival guide for economic collapse anywhere. You can skip this book, unless you just want to have every 'prepper' book out there. There isn't enough useful information here that you can't find elsewhere at a much lower price. Too expensive. The author makes assumptions about the reader which may not be accurate, like "you're not ready" or "you don't have enough water stored" or some such accusation, then gloats about how much he knows. I found his personality offensive, but possibly not that different than a lot of people in Argentina. I worked there some years ago and found a pervasive arrogance, many had the 'best idea' and wanted to be the boss. He does give one solid piece of handgun advice: Forget about all the discussions on ammunition caliber, stopping power and all the rest, and just buy a Glock pistol. On that, at least, we agree. Skip the section on food - it's really useless. If you think Tang (sugar and food coloring) is good nutrition, then you might agree with him, but I don't. Too much filler that the author probably found on the web. My conclusions: If you want to survive an economic collapse in Argentina, avoid Argentina! And skip this book.

Democrips and Rebloodlicans: No more gangs in government - Jesse Ventura

If you are new to all the conspiracy theory stuff, start here. It's not theory at all, unfortunately, and Ventura does an excellent job of presenting a huge variety of issues about which we have been lied to: wars, terrorist attacks, drugs, prisons, corporations, corruption at all levels of government, bribery, payoffs, banks, bailouts, the Fed, election fraud, religion and party politics and far more than I can list. When you finish this book, you will, once and for all, understand the enormity and gravity of the situation in the US, and you will never be the same. I hoped for a more profound solution suggestion than an end to the two party system. I think the only way to fix what's broken here is to wipe the table clean. A must read and I mean asap. Ventura should be President. Damn shame they squeezed Ron Paul out (Venture gives him a chapter). So, now we need Ventura in office again.

Books on Defense I found useful:

1. The Tactical Advantage - A Definitive Study of Personal Small-Arms Tactics, Gabriel Suarez

From the foreword by Chuck Taylor, who describes himself as a "full-time professional weapons writer, instructor and consultant": ":... Gabe Suarez treats the subject of tactics with the respect it not only deserves but demands. For Gabe... has 'been there and done it'... A law enforcement Medal of Valor winner for his actions under fire... as a police officer for more than ten years in... patrol functions,... gang-enforcement and SWAT assignments...". Excellent book for pistol and rifle tactics, like building searches, clearing a room, shooting on the move, use of cover/concealment, low-light tactics and gear, team tactics, comms, practice and more. Lots of photos.

I have other books by Suarez:

The Tactical Pistol is another excellent choice for your firearm education. The Tactical Shotgun is one I have not read yet (no shotgun so far), but I would buy it without hesitation if the need arises. Kalashnikov Rifle Gunfighting is a pretty good DVD intro to using the AK 47, and I see there is now an advanced DVD. If you own an AK, I believe the first DVD is a solid investment, the advanced I have not seen yet.

2. StressFire, volume I of Gunfighting for Police: Advanced Tactics and Techniques, Massad Ayoob

Massad Ayoob is probably the most famous firearms trainer and author alive. Foreword by Ray Chapman, former World Combat Pistol Champion. A great book on technique, reloading and much more. Ayoob is not afraid to contradict current training methods and develop his own, and he has done so for years. Many chapters on pistol handling, drawing, shooting, reloading, weak hand shooting, kneeling, low light and dealing with stress. Lots of Photos.

3. Defensive Use of Firearms, revised and updated, Stephen Wenger

Foreword by Bert DuVernay, Chief of Police, New Braintree, Mass., former Director, Smith and Wesson Academy.

Wenger is a student of self-defense, his instructor certifications are through the NRA's Law Enforcement Activities Division, he has studied under some of the best teachers, including Massad Ayoob. The book covers mental awareness, mental preparation, Tactics, Skill and choice of equipment (he prefers revolvers over pistols). He prefers a second gun over reloading the first, possibly because revolvers are so slow and awkward to reload, and because his gun only has five rounds in it. I prefer semi-auto pistols, but I like most of the rest of the book.

4. Armed Response, a comprehensive guide to using firearms for self-defense, David Kenik

Foreword by Massad Ayoob. An impressive number of chapters, covering just about everything, including the Body Alarm Reaction - how the mind and body are affected by the stress of an actual gunfight. You can hit anything at the shooting range, fine, but under stress you may forget how your safety works, or wonder why the slide is locked back, not even aware that your gun is empty. Did I shoot all those rounds already? Impossible. This topic is extremely important and should guide more decisions about type of gun to use, tactics, practice and more. Testimonials by Ayoob, Suarez, Mroz, Gottlieb, Hocheim, Spaulding and Hackathorn. Lots of rationality here, no myths or dogma.

5. Control - Exposing the Truth About Guns, Glenn Beck

If you want to know why there is so much confusion about guns and why politicians and others regularly try to get them banned or controlled, this book is the best I've seen on the topic. Not about using guns, it's about why guns are the object of politics. Beck effectively exposes every major myth, 'argument' and bullshit nonsense you have heard in the media about how guns cause violence and kill people. Beck cites numerous credible studies to prove that guns are not the problem, people are. In fact, more guns usually means fewer violent crimes, but politicians and vested interests prefer to brainwash us with lies. This book exposes them all nicely.

Beck stops short of claiming that some school shootings are actually planned and carried out by people other than the psychopath kids or adults who are 'caught' and paraded before the TV cameras. Online research will show you that there are people who so desperately want guns controlled or registered or banned that they plan and carry out these killings in order to get the public sympathetic to their political agenda. See the DVD 9-11, The Road to Tyranny for more on this. (Alex Jones does not stop short of exposing the real culprits behind these crimes against children and the rest of us.) Same kind of people who brought down the world trade towers (look up 'WTC Building 7' on YouTube) and bombed the Pentagon, then blamed terrorists? Same kind of people who started wars for profit and control, and blamed some enemy? A place to start looking for answers might be The Road to Tyranny (see DVDs) and on YouTube, look for 'WTC building 7', which collapsed like a controlled demolition but was not hit by a plane.

6. The Founders' Second Amendment

If you really want to know how and why we have the second amendment and what those founding folks were thinking at the time. Not about duck hunting and target practice! It's a huge book, and I loved every page. If you ever need to discuss the second amendment and our rights with anyone, or you just want to know all the details of its creation, this is the authoritative tome you need. It also includes the Constitution and Bill of Rights and how they came about and why. Knowing the conditions under which the colonists lived under British rule is half of understanding the spirit of the 2nd Amendment, and the parallels to our current government will be obvious. In the words of one of those founders, Thomas Jefferson: "When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty". Not too many ways to interpret that. Let's see, Patriot Act, NDAA, PDD 51, shall I continue?

7. In the Gravest Extreme


On the topic of concealed carry and self-defense with a gun, this book is pretty good.

DVDs / Movies I love

1. Thrive - By the son of the rich guy of Proctor and Gamble, the Gamble - This is by far the best presentation of where we are and how we got here, and who doesn't want us to go further: develop clean energy, experience our full potential, understand that we are not alone in the universe, experience freedom from slavery by the rich and powerful, and more. Gamble does an admirable job of beginning at a place we can all relate to and gradually bringing the audience up to speed with what has been going down for decades. This, finally, is the movie you can show to your family without worrying that some conspiracy nut will scare them with outrageous rhetoric (Alex Jones?) Gamble is sincere and unemotional, informative and enlightening. I liked it and am passing it on to friends.

2. Inconvenient Truth - Al Gore is so slick and clever, even warm and likable in this movie, you really want to believe what he's saying about how we have warmed our planet by burning fossil fuels. I mean, it makes so much sense, that is until you listen to a lot of scientists around the world who are really upset with Gore for presenting a huge lie to the global community. Now what do we see as the 'cure' he and the other globalists propose? A Carbon Tax, and the money goes to fund the takeover. That's right, you pay a tax for burning fossil fuels and the money goes to... (drum roll please) the Rothchild bank.

Gore and many other politicians (and the UN) are using the climate change and sustainability movements to further their own agendas. The carbon tax which Gore and the rest endorse is reported to be for financing global enslavement (see Endgame, by Alex Jones). And there are reports that global warming is more due to the sun getting hotter than to burning fossil fuels. Wow, that was really clever. I still recomment watching this, so you can see how effective propaganda can be. I saw this in a theater when a college professor bought all the seats and let people watch for free, for about a week, in Prescott, Arizona. Slick.

3. Capitalism - A Love Story, Michael Moore - A wake up call to everyone, and who better to expose the corruption and incompetence than Michael Moore. Watch this movie and then try to believe that the government that is supposed to care about the people actually cares at all. What you might conclude instead is that we are here to provide them with money and power, so they can continue to exploit us. More importantly, it shows clearly that even politicians answer to a higher power, like the banks. An eye-opener.

4. Farenheit 9-11, Michael Moore - G W Bush might not be everyone's favorite pres, but he was in office for an agonizing eight years. The 9-11 'event' is not covered in depth - there are other movies that do that - but it does follow the bullshit from long before that event right through to the Iraq war and what one had to do with the other. Moore does an admirable job of exposing the jerks and criminals in our government, right up to the pres.

5. 9-11 - The Road to Tyranny, Alex Jones - Made when Alex Jones was a forceful yet charming whistle-blower, this expose' will knock your socks off. It uncovers parts of 'the plan' by the rich and powerful to get control over as much of our lives as they can, and how they use manufactured events, like the planes hitting the towers, to pass outrageous legislation (which politicians admit they never read) to take more of our rights away, in exchange for 'security': they'll protect us from those terrorists (they are the terrorists). Scary but sadly accurate and unsettling, this is the movie to watch to jolt you out of denial and complacency.

6. Who Killed the Electric Car? - Yes, it was a conspiracy from the beginning, with the cast of characters you would expect to block the development of a technology that people liked, and which would lead to a reduction in profits for the oil industry and others. It's a sad movie, because it shows how little we matter to the powers that be, and because it exposes their inhumanity in their choices which affect all of us. We like to think that those in positions to create positive changes will take such opportunities to show their noble qualities and provide moral leadership, but that doesn't happen often, as this movie shows.

7. Why We Fight - Why do we make so much war in so many places? It's profitable! And, it makes certain people and companies very powerful. Eisenhower warned us, and we ignored him - wrong choice. Now the military industrial complex determines foreign policy... oops. Isn't that something our elected reps are supposed to do? Not anymore. There's just too much money to be made selling fighter jets and bombs to the gov to leave these important decisions to politicians, or even the pres.

8. War, Inc. - A satire on the US war machine, with John and Joan Cussack - it's a riot, and it's sobering at the same time, because it's so accurate. Like a political cartoon where you laugh, then catch yourself in that awkward place where humor meets tragedy. Exceptionally well done.

9. The 11th Hour - Leonardo DiCaprio produced and narrates this walk through climate changes we've seen and are now experiencing, what we can expect if we fail to change our lifestyles, and some ways we can accomplish that, if we really want to. Well done.

10. Sicko, Michael Moore - Our 'sick-care' system compared to some that actually work in other countries, even countries some here in the US might call undeveloped or developing. Moore takes a group to Mexico for treatment, and what a surprise.

11. Planet in Peril - CNN's Anderson Cooper, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Jeff Corwin take us around the globe to 13 countries to see environmental crises and discuss their possible future consequences.

12. Trade - About the trade in sex slaves between Mexico and the US. Kevine Kline is great, and this movie, sad as the topic is, will get you thinking, and feeling, and wanting to do something. Heavy emotionally, but worth seeing.

13. Cry Freedom - Steve Biko (Denzel Washington), a black South-African activist becomes friends with a white newspaper editor Donald Something (Kevin Kline). Biko is eventually captured and killed by the gov, and Donald writes a book about him and his ideas, then smuggles it out of SA and it is published in the US. Lots of supression, harassment and brutality by the white government against blacks - it will get you going. The climax is worth the ride.

14. Sirius, Dr. Steven Greer - Why the gov doesn't want us to know about aliens visiting this planet. It's not about aliens, it's about their technology and how they can come here and return home - about free energy, gravity, inertia and more. Then there's this 6" dried up alien child, supposedly died at age 6-8 years, examined using the latest technology, MRI and more, DNA and appears to be authentic - a tiny friend from another planet, with a large head. Pretty cool.

15. The Disclosure Project, Dr. Steven Greer - A lot of professionals, including astronauts, pilots, police, who are ready to swear before Congress that they have seen aliens and/or their craft. Not a movie but it was a presentation on TV, I think. I have not seen this, yet.

16. V for Vendetta, starring Natalie Portman - Fiction, but you might notice how well the story describes our current (and past) social and political insanity, fascism, and so on. We need a masked hero, so will all the V's please come forward. Well worth watching.

17. They Live - dated but relevant. It's about a society where there are hidden messages everywhere to help control people, to keep them slaves. Some guy invents glasses that reveal these messages, but of course he is enemy number one, and so on.

18. Boondock Saints - Two young men take it upon themselves to rid their city of mobsters who have taken over. FBI expert tracks them but can't find them until he realizes they are doing his job better than he.

19. Equilibrium - This movie looked too much like fiction when I first saw it, but it's odd how we are moving towards the kind of society the movie shows, total control.

Web Sites

1. - Alex Jones will get you thinking and excited, so try not to be spooked (afraid) by the powers that be who are making so many efforts to turn us into their slaves.

2. - Amy Goodman and others present the other news, the stuff you won't see on CNN and Fox. You can download shows easily and watch offline.

3. - Still and always a good place to do research. My main news source, next to DemocracyNow YouTube Videos. Search these topics:

WTC Building 7 - If you don't already know that the 9-11 attacks were planned in the USA, this is a good place to start your 'education'.

Oklahoma City bombing - another inside job that will get you going

Jesse Ventura - former Governor of Minnisota; lots of interesting stuff

Alex Jones - you're sure to find something useful in his videos, like Endgame

Endgame - see the movie on YouTube or get the DVD. Excellent.

Bilderburg Group - know who runs the world? These psychopaths.

Patriot Act - nails in the coffin of freedom

NDAA - another major blow to justice and freedom

Monsanto - is there a greater evil in the world? in the universe?

Flouride - do you drink this crap? Find out why we are forced to injest drugs.

Chem trails - what are those long trails behind commercial aricraft? find out

FEMA camps - your next home? find out what they're really for

Fusion centers - are they watching you? probably, but why?

Obama's Health Care - who really benefits


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"This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration!
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"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
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The supreme law of this land, The Constitution, has not granted power to the federal government to regulate, register or control guns. The Second Amendment specifically states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. What part of "shall not be infringed" does the government not understand?

Voting for a political party is like choosing the color of the car that is going to run you over.

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government."

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