SHTF Announced!

Are you waiting for an unmistakable sign that IT finally happened and it's time to carry out your bug out plans? Expecting to hear it on Fox News or CNN? "That's right, folks, you heard it here first! Today the shit officially hit the fan, so pack your gear, tank up and wait for the flag." Do you really expect an announcement? What could be more obvious than the 'announcements' we've already gotten?

Under GW Bush, Congress gave $700 billion of our money illegally to the banks and other crooks who have been stealing our money for decades and were apparently so financially strapped that they took that bailout cash and bought corporate jets and gave one million-dollar bonuses to their CEOs. Eric Holder's cronies managed to 'walk' a shitload of military-grade rifles into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Folks, THAT is the sound of shit hitting the fan. Or how about the Patriot Act and the NDAA? Shit has been hitting the fan for quite awhile, in case you hadn't noticed.

The question is, what will prevent irate citizens from burning down their local banks, which have been stealing their money and then stole their homes with foreclosures? At some point, the corrupt politicians and greedy corporations are going to piss off and shit on enough people to encite a rebellion. As Thomas Jefferson said, "When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty." The fan, folks, is aimed squarely at us. Mr. Jefferson, we hear you.

So... coming back to The Event, what more exactly are you waiting for? Gasoline at five dollars a gallon? Just around the corner. $10 a gallon? It's coming, count on it. Lines at the grocery store to buy anything at all? Lines at the bank to get out what's left of your dwindling stash? News reports of banks and gas stations burned to the ground by irate customers?

Or maybe you're waiting for The Really Big Event, like the EMP that knocks out the power grid in several states, or the virus that wipes out entire cities, or an economic crash that leaves the dollar worthless and millions starving and freezing to death. Or, perhaps there won't be any dramatic and totally obvious big-bang event that shocks the world. It might just be a continuation of the rich stealing from the rest of us until their karma finally hits them in the head. That's one universal law they can't escape: the enevitable consequences of their immoral and criminal actions. Their shit, folks, is aimed squarely at them. Front row seats, anyone?

My personal favorites are a pole shift, new ice age and China invades India. A pole shift and ice age are natural phenomena that happen from time to time. We are overdue.

Why would China invade India? Why did the United States invade Iraq? China's population is growing beyond their ability to feed them. China buys food in massive quantities from the US and other countries. If China invades India, who would stop them? Exactly... nobody. Who stopped the US from invading Iraq? Right again.

So... is it time to bug out? As of this writing (Winterer 2014), I don't see enough cause to abandon my daily routine*. Remember, SHTF does not necessarily mean that it's time to bug out, it means that some trouble has started. We are in trouble, folks, as indicated by the few examples at the top of this page and elsewhere (See Who is the Enemy and Survival Retreat), but my feeling is that we still have time to make plans and prepare as best we can for an even uglier state of affairs. I just happen to think that the sooner we prepare (and relocate) the better.

*I should clarify that 'my daily routine' is working every day on a survival retreat, so I suppose I am farther along in my bug out preparations (and feeling the need to make them) than some others. And, I see enough reason to spend considerable time and effort now to make a bug out shelter that will serve as home for as long as I will need it. It is a formidable undertaking, but I feel it will be needed, I just don't know when.

In conclusion, I repeat that we have been watching and hearing the shit hit the fan for a long time, and many of us are aware that we are closer to some kind of disaster than ever in our history. Sadly, we have elected representatives who are more likely to drown us than to save us, so don't expect any help from them. In fact, it is they who are behind our current deplorable state of affairs. They will not survive much longer, but their role in this drama is necessary - every petty tyrant, every political incompetent, every greedy and heartless corporate jerk CEO - all of these pathetic excuses for human beings are following their inner voices and taking their cues from the same Great Dramatist. It is already quite a show. Be sure to stay for the surprise ending. Oh, and play your part as best you can. Your presence and active participation are desired and required. Bring a friend. See you after the show.

Update: Keep your eyes and ears on our corrupt and sociopathic government reps, the real bastards. See Who is the Enemy? See also Thrive, End of America and Endgame in Video of the Week

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