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This topic is the subject of an entire web site. Preparing a shelter in a safer location, fully equipped and stocked, is a major undertaking. I know, because I am building my own survival retreat which I designed. This is a vast topic and cannot be covered here, so please visit my other web site for a detailed look at what this involves, at

Why a survival retreat might be the only safe option:

This web site makes no predictions about the future, so read the following as simply one possible scenario out of many that could happen. And remember, the list of possible disasters or crises which necessitate a bug-out grows longer each year. Natural disaster are the obvious, but let's also consider man-made (government and corporate) fiascos that we know were hatched by the powers that be, with the intent to make lots of money for those interests, regardless how much suffering and death would result. Some obvious examples include the Vietnam War, the Iraq War (in fact any war since the 18th century) 9-11, and so on.

If you doubt that wars and so-called terrorist events are planned by vested interests, check out Why We Fight, an excellent DVD that exposes the vast business potential of war and why war has been an on-going business for hundreds of years. Then see Thrive for another perspective on why we have not been allowed to, well, thrive. Check out YouTube for videos on the World Trade Center, especially building 7 and the Pentagon. Building 7 collapsed on itself but was not hit by a plane - it had some fires buring. Folks, fires, even big hot ones, don't bring steel-framed buildings down, ever. Do your research and you will know what has been going on all around us for a long time. When you're emotionally ready, see Endgame, a movie by Alex Jones. It's on YouTube, also on DVD. An eye-opener.

Anyway, keep looking and you will discover that we have been consistently lied to by government and corporate reps, and that they are really two names for the same 'institution'. Perhaps get a copy of When Corporations Rule the World, and revise any ideas that you may have held that our political and corporate heads are looking out for our best interests. They are not, in fact their intention is to keep us as their slaves, obeying their commands to enrich their bank accounts. They intentionally poison our bodies and minds and make us sick and fearful with flouride in drinking water, poisons in food, GMO food itself, chem trails, TV 'programming' (good word), fabricated and deceitful 'news' reports and... but I'm getting carried away. Do your own research, you'll see. Oh, and read Jesse Ventura's book Democrips and Rebloodlicans: No more gangs in government. Talk about an eye-opener. Holy moly!

There might not be a sign that it's time to bug-out. Why not? Because they want to trap everyone in the cities and towns before we can escape. With their vast resources and propaganda machines, they keep us thinking about external threats to our safety, like an asteroid crashing the Earth, killer plant X, EMP, solar radiation, virus, terrorist attack, killer bees, swine flu, bird flu, pole shift, climate change, earthquakes, Iran, ISIS, shall I continue? While some of these - climate change, pole shift - might actually happen in the near future, they are presented as 'threats' that we should fear. Are you afraid of a pole shift or climate change? I'm not, even if they are likely. Fear is not a constructive emotion, so making people fearful is making them easy to control. But, don't we need the government to save us from all these threats? No, we don't. In fact, the fedgov is our greatest threat - we would be better off without most of our government. So what's coming?

Again, no predictions, but if you imagine just how twisted a person must be to create a war in order to make money from suffering and death - thousands and thousands of dead people, soldiers and civilians - is there any kind of disaster they would not create to become even more wealthy and powerful? I know, it's hard to imagine anyone so horribly messed up, but that's what we have running this country - mentally deficient, morally bankrupt criminals who don't hesitate to commit mass-murder. Sound like anybody you know? Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot...

There is a word for such people...Sociopath: "People with antisocial personality disorder act in a way that disregards the feelings and rights of other people. Antisocial personalities often break the law, and they may use or exploit other people for their own gain. They may lie repeatedly, act impulsively, and get into physical fights. They may mistreat their spouses, neglect or abuse their children, and exploit their employees. They may even kill other people. People with this disorder are also sometimes called sociopaths or psychopaths." -Microsoft Encarta Encycyclopedia [italics mine] They are also sometimes called 'politicians'.

Put yourself in their place for a moment - impossible, I know, but try. If you were as twisted and had that much money and power, what would you do for fun? Remember, people don't matter - you are free to invent the most horrible 'events', ignoring the suffering and death that will result. You won't hesitate to use your money and influence to further your goals - wealth and power, and fun. Let's say you own a huge company that supplies fighter jets to the US Air Force. One sale gives you a million dollars profit on one plane. But the Air Force needs more than one plane, so the contract that would most likely be approved is for twenty planes or fifty. "Let's see, who in Washington is responsible for that military budget approval? Maybe I should send some lobbyists to 'talk' with that congressman, see if we can 'convince' him to play ball with us, and we'll contribute a big wad to his re-election campaign, buy him some neat stuff, arrange a blind date with a 'nice lady' - you know, make him feel important. Or maybe, if he's reluctant to play ball, we spy on him and dig up some dirt, then blackmail him.". Sadly, this is not fiction but rather the way things are done.

Let's say that strategy pays off. You've gotten filthy rich selling jets, but there's a big problem: Those new jets will sit around and collect dust, and depreciate in value rapidly, so we have to create some kind of 'event' so they get used (and shot down = more money!). What we need is a war! Great idea. So we create a fake attack on one of our bases, blame Iran, lie to the US public, tell them Iranian terrorists did it, launch a pre-emptive attack on their capital and then ramp the whole war machine up again and make some really serious money, while taking over their oil fields and, while we're at it, the whole country. You know, liberate them from an oppressive dictator (like the one we have). They'll welcome us with open arms (as 'liberators'), and if they don't we'll bomb the crap out of them. Like Vietnam (the Gulf of Tonkin event was faked), we the people were lied to and we went to war - wow, what a pile of money that war made. Are you getting the hang of this? Let's have some more fun...

Maybe you're not a jet fighter company. Let's say you head a big domestic-product or service company employing thousands of people. You secretly buy life insurance for your employees, so that if they die, you collect a million dollars or more. Now how much is that employee worth to you as an employee, living and breathing and working for you? Actually, not that much. But if that employee dies, you profit a million dollars, maybe three or four. You are in business to make money, so your employee is worth more to you dead, right? Hypothetical situation? Sadly, this is a common practice of big companies, like Wells Fargo, Wal Mart and many others. Are you getting the idea? They don't care about you or me. They wish more of us would die so they can collect their millions. Twisted.

So, when I present a possible scenario now, you know it's entirely possible, given the mentality of those who are in positions to carry out mahem on a large scale (see historic examples above, like war, terrorism). Now that the President has signed many, many executive orders and given unconstitutional powers to himself, you and I can be searched, arrested, locked up and tortured without trial or warrant. Our homes can be searched by force, arms confiscated - you name it - without due process. No oversight, they have the law on their side. Unconstitutional law, for sure, but the law nevertheless. That was part of the plan - getting all those laws on the books - so when they hatch their next plot to control us, nobody can protest - they'll be locked up. The Partiot Act, NDAA and others have been quietly pushed through in order to allow them to deal their next blows without objections or protests. So what are they planning next?

Well, they've been trying to get control of our firearms for a long time. So long we are armed, they know we will fight back, and they are right. See the problem? They have two big problems: We the people can vote and we have guns. They have already taken control of the electoral process - vote any way you want, they still have the power. And decent candidates are removed from the ballot long before election day. Take your pick: criminal A or criminal B. So, they have to get our guns, and they will not stop hatching plots until they succeed. Kill a bunch of kids and blame a lone psychotic gunman. Get the public to support a ban on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines or at least register all guns or both (once registered, they know where to go get them). It's not working, so they will have to kill more kids, as many little kids as they can, until the public demands gun control - that's how they work. As many little kids as it takes to make people fearful and compliant, Kill hundreds, kill thousands, just keep on killing little kids until people freak out and can be manipulated into passing some outrageous gun law 'to make us safe again'. They think they are so clever, and they are. People can be manipulated like this, and they know it - they programmed us that way. They appear to be unaware that many of us disconnected from TV programming decades ago and will not be manipulated like the rest. [Please read Control - Exposing the Truth About Guns by Glenn Beck, it's excellent. And if you want to know everything about the creation of the 2nd Amendment, read The Founders' Second Amendment.]

If they become desperate, they might just station troops all over the country (already in place), bring a lot of armored personel carriers (APCs) and tanks into their bases and National Guard quarters (already in place), pass legislation which allows them to take over the country without approval of Congress (already in place), set up FEMA camps to detain and 'process' dissenters and those who don't comply (already in place), set up Fusion centers all over the country to coordinate intelligence, spy on people and work together, with no oversight by elected officials (already in place). What are they preparing for?

On the pretext of 'protecting us' from terrorists, they might use those troops to block all roads in and out of every city and town, search vehicles and homes, confiscate firearms, food and anything they want, arrest and imprison anyone not complying or actively opposing their illegal actions. Now everyone is dependent on them for everything they control - food, water - everything. Replace money with a card or a chip - you can't buy or sell anything without leaving a record they monitor. Piss them off, they turn off your card. Getting the picture? This is called TEOTWAWKI - the end of the world as we know it. Compared to this, an asteroid crash looks almost benign. If you doubt for a second that these twisted and pathetic excuses for human beings would attempt such a blatant takeover, review the events they have already created. Do your homework, go online and find out what the news media won't tell you. Or, just see the videos I have carefully selected for you in Video of the Week.

The point of this exercise is to remind you first about the evil nature of the people who control things now and to awaken in you the awareness that having a remote survival retreat might be the only way to survive an event they create. Most people will not escape the cities in time, because the trap will probably close quickly and late at night. Remember, the military has been doing just this for years, so they're good at it. Eventually, by having checkpoints on all major roads, even those living outside cities and towns will, sooner or later, have to travel to get supplies. And that, folks, is the whole point of this - to become so self-sufficient in everything that you don't need to go to town for anything.

I know, it sounds impossible, after all, we depend on outside sources for almost everything to live and be productive. Going totally off-grid and self-sufficient in food, water, clothing, shelter, medical treatment and power is a major lifestyle change. Where does one start? The first step is to become informed, do research and understand what is going on that you have been ignoring. Second, don't go along with injustice and efforts to subvert the Constitution. Third, accept that the situation might actually be as unpleasant to think about as I have presented here. But do your own research and be selective and careful about what sources you trust. Don't take my word for it until you confirm it yourself. Fourth, make a plan on how you will deal with this new information, and include in your plan a step-by-step approach to ensuring your safety and that of your family. Get the books you need to become informed on subjects of survival, self-sufficiency, defense and security, food storage, shelter, first aid and so on.

If you have a partner, discuss this with him or her early in your research, and make every effort to be of one mind about it. You will only deal effectively with this if you are both on the same page and sharing the responsibilities. This drastic course of action - self-sufficiency - will require complete participation from everyone involved.

Skills are far more valuable than gear and gadgets. Sure, you will need supplies and tools, but learn what you don't know, in case your tools are not available. Eventually, tools break, wear out, become lost or stolen, and you may not be able to replace them. Learn to do as much as possible without them, and learn to make your own or barter for them. I could go on, but this section was not intended to teach self-sufficiency - that information is available in books.

If 'they' control money, how will we survive outside their system? As they try to get control of as much of our society as possible (most of them are banks, so it will be via our money), others are, and have been, creating viable alternatives to current ways of doing things, including exchanges of goods that don't use money. Barter has been alive and well for thousands of years, and exists in many countries today, both in rural Third World countries and in First World cities. This 'parallel society' has existed also for ages, and will probably form the basis for life outside the control of 'the system'. Cities might continue to function, or they might not, but I would not like to live in one when basic necessities are in short supply or vanish. Hence the importance of setting up shop outside cities, on land you own. See for more information on this topic. It is also possible that regions or smaller areas will develop their own form of currency, circulated in that area and possibly beyond. US paper money may very well have lost all value except as paper for starting fires. Coins may still hold value, especially pre-1965 dimes and quarters which were made using silver. These can still be bought as 'junk silver', in case you want to save some.

Barter items may be as valuable as money, especially those items that people will have the most difficulty finding, if and when production of them stops (failed economy). Ammunition in common calibers is often among the top barter items mentioned in survival books, but there are hundreds of other things that will probably be in demand, when supplies run out and people become desperate. I won't list many here - good preparedness and survival books and online sources have long lists - but a few examples of things you can stock to trade later are: matches and lighters, salt and spices, sewing needles and thread, tools of all kinds, work gloves, batteries, water purification tablets, band aids, aspirin and the like, medicines for common things like cold, flu, diarea, nausea, sunburn, etc., pens, paper and so on.

In the aftermath of a massive disaster, or during one, law and order may decline or vanish, as police and others may choose to take care of their own families. Expect a dangerous situation, as armed gangs of looters and other unfriendlies roam the neighborhoods looking for things they can take (steal). If you want to protect yourself and others and your supplies, you will probably want to be armed as well, so learn how to use your firearms well in advance of trouble. This brings up a topic best covered elsewhere: Do I really need to have firearms? Read the section on Defense for more on this, but just briefly, no, you don't have to buy guns, unless you want to survive. The truth is, history is the best teacher, and recent examples like Katrina illustrate clearly that a so-called civilized society can quickly become a jungle of predators. My suggestion is to make efforts to be outside the jungle well before things turn ugly.


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Voting for a political party is like choosing the color of the car that is going to run you over.

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