What Do I Need?

You need a Plan (or two), a BOB and the Right Attitude. A motor home full of food and gear won't save you, if you don't plan well or can't think clearly. There are simply too many people who believe that the only preparations they have to make are to stock up on weapons and ammunition and to know how to use them to take what they want. Like your motor home full of goodies.

If you are still alive after that first 'unofficial' roadblock, you've got nothing but yourself and the clothes you wear, since you generously 'donated' your RV and gear to those thugs with guns. Now you're walking... where to? I hear Yosemite is nice this time of year. Or Lake Tahoe, sure, Tahoe will be perfect! Nobody would think to go there. Except a few million Californians who are already there. Don't expect a welcoming committee.

I met a man who walked across the United States; he wore out over 50 pairs of shoes. He's sort of famous. You probably won't be, even if you're shoes are phenomenal. Where am I going with this? Read on...

So, Okay, you lost your RV and your gear. Got a Plan B? No? Oops... Not good planning! You're hungry and thirsty and a alone in the middle of nowhere, watching your RV (Plan A) disappear over the horizon. Now is not the time to make a plan B, it's time to manifest it. The point here is to have a practical Plan A and prepare for it, then create Plan B, in case Plan A fails or cannot be used. A Plan C and Plan D would also be wise.

This web site cannot make plans for you. You have to do some study and research and make your plans. Study this web site - there is a lot of information here, and guidance. See my other web site about making a Survival Retreat (www.SurvivalRetreatPlans.com). Use the books listed under Resources. The RV full of stuff may actually be part of a usable plan, if carried out early, not when there are already roadblocks, gangs of looters and carjackings. That's not the time to be driving around in a box full of goodies, or driving at all. Might as well just paint a big sign on the side: LOOT ME. See the page on burrying extra gear for ideas for your plans.

My personal preference is to prepare a survival retreat, a place I build and stock for the purpose of bugging out. More details under Survival Retreat and at my other web site www.SurvivalRetreatPlans.com.

The thinking behind a Survival Retreat goes like this...

Manufacturing a disaster. It is looking more and more likely that an 'event' is coming: planned economic collapse, manufactured depression, war in Iran/Libya, fascism here in the US, etc., where the filthy rich (corporate thugs, politicians, etc.) create situations which help them consolidate their wealth and power, and the rest of us become refugees. In other words, history repeating itself and a snapshot of what's been going on since this country was founded and in the world for millenia. Nero has part of Rome burned and blames Christians. Hitler burns down his own administration building (Reichstag) and blames the communists. The creeps in power in the US bring down the World Trade Center towers and blame Arab terrorists. False flag events like these are the instruments of tyrants who want even more power, so they create terror by murdering their own citizens, blame some 'enemy' and then demand more power to deal with them and 'protect' us from more attacks. New laws are quickly passed to give them this power and curtail the rights of others.

In this kind of planned disaster, it takes time for the perpetrators to get everything ready, pass laws that cripple anyone who opposes them (Patriot Act, NDAA) and generally make their job (of accumulation for them and mass suffering for us) easier for them to pull off. It may not even be 'an event' at all, just more of the erosion of our civil liberties, more laws that prevent us from taking action and more bullshit, bailouts and the bombing and ripoff of oil countries.

Prepare now while you can. In this lead time, food and gear, guns and ammunition can be bought at reasonable prices, and a place can be made ready where it will probably be safer to survive the coming hard times. The idea here is that cities may not be safe, nor may basic necessities or services be available, especially if the crisis is serious and relief is delayed. That leads to panic and desperation, looting and worse. Some people believe that only in cities will such things be available, like law (martial law?) and order, food, water, medical services, etc. Um, no thanks, I'll go someplace where I know what's IN my food and water. Line up and get your vaccination, yeah, right. Trust some of the same people who created the mess?

Politicians will save us? Since past and current political representatives have eroded my belief that they care about us, I'm preparing to manage without their 'help'. I think they have frustrated so many once-loyal citizens that it is hard to predict whether they will be able to contain the anger of the masses. I mean, look at just a few of the recent atrocities:

G. W. Bush steals the presidency

9-11 now appears to be an event carried out by our own people, according to a large group of expert architects, civil engineers, chemists and metalurgists, as well as demolition experts. That's right, it was a pre-planned and deliberate murder of innocent citizens by people in this country, blamed on terrorists, so that people would agree to the Patriot Act and invading Iraq.

Bush & Co. fabricate reasons to invade Iraq where thousands die so the major US financial interests can get richer. WMD never found, nor nuclear nor biological weapons, nor the 'terrorists behind 9-11'. Nice scam.

Patriot Act which trashes many of our civil liberties - funny how they had all of that stuff ready to shove through Congress, and down our throats.

700 billion-dollar bail-out (theft) of US money to big companies which then gave millions in bonuses to their CEOs and bought corporate jets. Folks, we got screwed big time.

NDAA - Martial Law anyone? Step right up.

Now we are supposed to believe that Iran is our enemy so the US can invade and steal their oil (like Iraq). And Libya is on the block. Who's next?

In the US, politicians and corporations have found ways to make corruption legal.

"When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty." -Thomas Jefferson

Some people still believe that. Unfortunately, so many millions are incapacitated by the ever-increasing number and quantity of synthetic chemicals that are being stuffed into them daily: flouridated water (Are you stupid enough yet? Then drink some more water.), preservatives, saccarine, food coloring, flavoring, conditioners, etc., chemicals in building materials, like formaldehyde, in just about every new house for the last few decades, toxic carpeting, paints, rubber, plastic, and the list goes on and on. Still have a few brain cells? Not for long. Here, have some TV, so you know what to think. Is rebellion even possible now, with so many people unable to think clearly? There is widespread evidence that chemicals are being sprayed from planes.

So the logic behind preparing a survival retreat is now clear. We're heading into a manufactured disaster, created so that the rich can consolidate their wealth and power (as usual) and to keep the rest of us subservient (slaves). In other words, life as usual.

You can still buy and stock up on food and other gear while prices remain relatively low. Food prices are going up and will probably climb higher, as a growing world population competes for a food supply that isn't growing as fast. Gas prices are going up again, and may not go down. Have a plan for when gas is $10 a gallon or more or not available at all.


What we all need to do is to prepare for an even larger dose of bullshit from those who are expert at creating and spreading it - politicians and corporations - and to have a workable plan of escape (Bug Out), in case the situation they create becomes (more) unsafe. If you decide to Bug In instead (hunker down and ride out the storm), see the Resources page for books that deal with that.

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